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Malachite Elephant, 347g, 90mm, Rhodolite, Pink&Black, 258g, 100mm, Baltic Cherry Amber Necklace, Long, Baltic Cherry Amber Necklace, Short, Dolphins, White Agate, 349g, 90mm, Silky Chatoyant Malachite, 119g, 90mm, Pyrite Miner, Malachite, Smooth, 860g, 132mm, Amethyst, Flat Geode, 909g, 165mm, Ruby & Fushite, 224g, 115mm, Carnelian, 128g, 65mm, Malachite Egg, Medium, 73g, 40mm, Malachite Egg, Small, 45g, 33mm, Malachite Egg, Small, 27g, 25mm, Aragonite, 181g, 127mm, Malachite, Lined, Rough, 3.1kg, 255mm, White Agate, Palm Stone, 154g, 60mm, Quartz Geode, Small, 362g, 110mm, Quartz Geode, Medium, 644g, 151mm


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