Enchanted Healer Tea – Organic


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Made with the highest quality of 100% Organic herbs, our Enchanted Healer brewing blend is your go to for relieving daily stress and anxiety all while clearing your channels to welcome in joy, abundance, and good fortune.

This blend can also be used in spiritual cleansing baths.

Recommended Remedy for: Stress, Anxiety, Fear.

Ideally used before Job Interviews, Meetings, Buying a Home, Exams, Weddings, or any other important life events.

Ingredients: Organic French Lavender, Organic Tulsi (Holy Basil), Organic Chamomile, Organic Rose Buds.

Interested in learning more about herbal remedies for your constitution, book an Ayurvedic Wellness Consultation.

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Amber Jar- 24 Servings, Bag- 24 Servings, Bag- 48 Servings, Sample Bag- 12 Servings


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